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Aluminum shutters in a window — Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW

external aluminium shutters

Made from lightweight aluminium, external shutters offer both privacy and security, without compromising on your view. Aluminium is particularly suited to the Australian climate, as it can withstand high heat and wind. Our team have many years' experience installing shutters throughout the Northern Rivers region.

Summerland Screens & Awnings use the highest grade aluminium shutters for all external fixings. Available in sliding or folding varieties, the shutters and tracks are made from corrosion resistant materials, while the bearings and hinges are also built to last.
Privacy screen in a window— Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW

external privacy screens

Privacy screens are a simple way to add a modern touch to your home, yard or office. Whether you are looking for shade from the afternoon sun, or to disguise a storage area of your yard, privacy screens can be customised to suit your needs.

Affordable, easy to install and sleek in design, external privacy screens can be affixed to buildings or fences. Summerland Screens & Awnings have a wide range of styles and colours to choose from, and our expert installers will have them fitted for you in no time.
PVC Cafe window — Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW

pvc cafe blinds

Make use of your outdoor spaces in all weather, with stylish and affordable PCV cafe blinds from Summerland Screens & Awnings. Available in clear or tinted varieties, PVC blinds can be used in both domestic and commercial settings. Choose from track guided, zip roll or crank roll systems to retract or release your blinds in mere moments when the wind or rain blows in.

Reinforced for heavy weather conditions, PVC Cafe blinds can also block out noise, as well as sun, dust, wind and rain. Turn your outdoor entertainment area into an all-weather entertainer with a set of custom made PVC cafe blinds from Summerland Screens & Awnings.
Alpha side retention external blinds in a house — Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW

alpha side retention external blinds

Summerland Screens & Awnings can install products from the Alpha Awning Series, including the Side Retention external blinds. These premium blinds are ideal for enclosing balconies, courtyards or patios as they have superior hold, thanks to the two-piece side channel.

Versatile straight drop options are available, with sun and UV protection, as well as insect resistance. Reclaim your outdoor areas during the Northern Rivers' summer, without the concern of pests invading, thanks to the Alpha Side Retention External Blinds.
side Channel Awnings — Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW

side channel & wire guide

Side Channel awnings are perfect for small spaces, as they have been designed to sit between posts or brick pillars in your outdoor area. They are fully hand-controlled. Wire guides can easily be attached to your wall, or mounted to the ceiling. The high tension wires reduce movement in the awning, even on windy days.

Summerland Screens & Awnings have a wide range of experience with side channel and wire guide awning varieties. If you are in an area prone to high winds, we can recommend the most stylish and effective type for your home. We understand that you require a strong and practical awning solution, which is still simple to operate. Let us assist you with selecting the right one for your home.
Screen Infill panels on window — Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW

screened infill panels

When you are looking for an affordable way to enclose an area, screened infill panels are an effective choice. These simple designs offer privacy, weather protection and can give you additional space. Summerland Screens & Awnings use aluminium that has been powder- coated, which offers superior protection from corrosion.

Infill panels can be constructed in a range of sizes and colours, so they can be styled and fitted to match existing colour schemes in your yard or office. Speak with our friendly consultants for more information on the range of infills available.