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Foldng arm awnings near at pool  — Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW

folding arm awnings

Mounted directly onto your wall or under the eaves with a specially-designed bracket, folding arm awnings are ideal for extending your outdoor living area. These awnings can be extended or retracted using either a manual crank or they can be motorised for touch-of-a-button ease.

Summerland Screens & Awnings supply a wide range of awnings to suit your needs. Whether you require an awning for your home or office, our Northern Rivers specialists can recommend the most appropriate materials to suit your needs. We can also recommend the optimum positioning of the brackets, ensuring a sturdy fixture that will last for many years.
Automatic Awnings — Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW

automatic awnings

Summerland Screens & Awnings have a wide range of automatic awnings available, with straight or scalloped valances and a number of different arm sizes. Automatic awnings have self locking arms, which allows for easy adjustment. These awnings fit quite close to the window and offer excellent heat control.

Not sure which fabric best meets your needs? Give Summerland a call and speak with one of our friendly consultants. We can assist you with the selection of colours, patterns and awning materials.
Fixed Steel Aluminum awnings  — Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW

fixed steel aluminium awnings

Built from aluminium panels that are firmly interlocked, fixed steel awnings can be customised to any width. The aluminium is available in many different colours, with varying shades available for striped patterns. Also known as Cooloola awnings, or Caribbean awnings, these are a low cost option for your awning needs.

Summerland Screens & Awnings staff will advise you on the best fixture for the size of your awning. Either arm supported or post support systems can be supplied, however this will depend on the length of your window. Fixed steel awnings offer strong weather protection and reflect heat away from your windows, helping to keep your house cooler.
Cord and reel awning on the window  — Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW

cord & reel awnings

Operated by a cord system, these awnings are fully adjustable and allow you to select the right height easily. Simply hook the cord through the bracket and your awning will stay in place. Suitable for smaller areas, cord and reel awnings can be customised with many different materials available.

Summerland Screens & Awnings will fix the reel and roller system into an easy-to-reach position, allowing you to adjust the blind as required. For an awning you can position as the weather changes, cord and reel awnings are a versatile solution.
Motorization in a window  — Screens & Awnings in Ballina NSW


Motorisation of awnings is ideal for hard-to-reach windows or external areas. There are many different types of motorised controls, from hand-held to wall mounted switches and many more. If you are interested in motorising your awning systems, please talk with our consultants. They will discuss the range of options available and help you select the right system to suit your needs.